PADI Night Diver

Diving at night allows you to observe nocturnal animal that can not be seen during the day and to get in touch with the true colors of the environment as sunlight filters out colors at depth.

This course is for you that have natural curiosity and want to have new perspective and adventures at dive sites. You will see many new different animals and behaviors of fishes. Corals open up and extend to feed on plankton, the usual fishes sleeps on the bottom or glides on the reef, sometimes even changing their colors.

Excited to use your light and see a bio-luminescence from microorganism or to have a crowd of small crustacean around your light? Let’s do it together and you will open up new horizon and opportunities as you can dive after-work when you know how to approach night dives.

In this course consisting of 3 dives you will learn how to interact responsible with nocturne marine life, what equipment you need to have and how to navigate/orientate while communicating with your buddies. At the end of the course you will be able to plan for night dives and enjoy this magical environment in a safe way.


  • 2 days
  • Pick you up at your accomodation around 7am
  • 3 dives in Tulamben with overnight. If you are interested in wrecks we can combine with Wreck Diver course giving you the experience in how to navigate on wrecks and to see the differences between day and night at this popular site
  • Resa tillbaka till ditt boende


  • Be 12 years old
  • Certified as PADI Open Water (equivalent from other dive agencies is also ok)