PADI Wreck Diver

Wrecks are exciting environments that brings you back to history making you wonder how they got there or maybe even if there is a treasure hidden in an undiscovered room. Thanks to their structure they become source for artificial reefs that attract aquatic life, sometimes being the center of marine life in the area.

This course is for you interested to know how to explore wrecks making the experience enjoyable and safe. We will dive at the famous USAT Liberty World War cargo ship, which is over a 100m long giving you a wide experience in how to approach wrecks. In the course you will learn how to navigate, how to draw maps and what special equipment you need for wreck diving.

4 dives in total and we will practice also basic penetration skills in shallow water, but if having something over your head doesn’t make you feel comfortable we don’t need to dive inside to complete the course. Although the USAT wreck is at 18-20m depth, it is recommended to take the PADI Deep Diver Course so you can also explore other wrecks around the world that are deeper.


  • 2 days
  • Pick you up at your accomodation around 7am
  • 4 dives over 2 days in Tulamben (we stay here one night)
  • Resa tillbaka till ditt boende


  • Vara 15 år gammal
  • PADI Adventure Diver or Advanced Open Water Diver (equivalent from other agencies is also ok)