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Diving Padang Bai

Diving Padang Bai, a small coastal town in eastern Bali, is just one hour from Sanur.

Here is also where you take ferries for the Gili Islands and Lombok.

Our transport brings you to our affiliated restaurant, where you find showers and toilets.

Just a few steps from the restaurant and you’re on the beach where a local boat (Jukung) brings you to the close dive sites.

Here the conditions are a suitable choice for a family trip, snorkelers and divers of all level.

There are 3 main dive sites here, where you can find healthy corals, tiny little fishes to make cool pictures and is not uncommon to meet sharks and turtles.

Sea snake in Padang bai on a sandy bottom
Sea snake in Padang bai

Blue Lagoon

As the name suggests it is located in a bay and the water here is very clear excellent for diving in Padang Bai for beginners.

It starts with a shallow bottom composed by sand and huge coral rocks where the marine life is very active.

It continues by sloping down and at the curvature of the bay we have a vertical coral wall.

Here the encounter with marine life is huge: octopus, morey eel, scorpion leaf fish, shrimp, cuttlefish and frog fish.

Pura Jepun

It is located 5 minutes after the bay of Blue Lagoon and as you arrive you’ll see plenty of corals and fish right under the boat.

The visible bottom then slopes down showing stone fish, box fish and nudibranches.

Around 18m you can also see a wreck from a fishing boat in intact state and just by looking closer you can see a lot of marine activity going on there.

Right after you find also some artificial reefs and sculptures where a lot of diverse fish find they’re home.

This dive site add a lot of varities in what you will see while diving in Padang Bai.

Bias Tugal

Bias Tugal is in front of its homonym beach south of Blue Lagoon and Jepun.

The shallow part is covered by soft and hard coral that goes down up to 30m.

You don’t have to go that deep to encounter marine life, at already 10-15m you can spot many nudibranches, shoals of fish and by looking carefully pygmy seahorse unique feature while diving Padang Bai.

Along the site you can follow up the turtles that swim around in search for food.

Best Time for diving Padang Bai

Diving in Padangbai is great year-round, with water temperatures ranging from 26°C to 30°C.

However, the best time to dive is during the dry season (April to October), when the visibility is at its peak, often reaching up to 30 meters.

Day trip Diving Padang Bai

  • 2 dives
  • We will pick you up around 7am at your accomodation
  • Around 8am is the departure to Padangbai
  • We will arrive around 9am to our restaurant 
  • We will do 2 dives from the local boat (Jukung)
  • Back to the shore, we will have shower and delicious food of your choice
  • Trip back to your accomodation