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PADI Divemaster Bali

PADI Divemaster Bali is the first PADI course that allows you to enter into the diving professional world and start earning money from your passion.

You will bring your skills and knowledges to a professional level and you will be one of the most recognized level of divers on the boat. If that is something that intrigues you keep on reading!

During the course you will meet a lot of different divers with different levels of experiences and background.

You will learn new skills, diving as a business and with your instructor you will build the mindset of a divemaster: to take care of other divers while providing coaching and assistance.

And off course in between the course a lot of laugh and fun dives.

What does the PADI Divemaster Bali consist of?

The PADI Divemaster course Bali consists of three basic sections:

  • Knowledge Development
  • Water Skills
  • Practical Application

You’ll probably progress through all three of these sections simultaneously, based upon the course schedule you and your instructor agree upon.

The schedule will depend on your needs and the instructor’s needs, and local logistics.

Although the course is designed to be very flexible, you must complete some parts before moving on to others.

Knowledge Development

 The Knowledge Development consists of nine topics, which you’ll cover through independent study and discussions with your instructor.

Your independent study will include interacting with eLearning and watching the integrated PADI Divemaster Video clips, then completing the Knowledge Reviews. 

When you’re ready, you’ll take the PADI Divemaster Exam, which covers the different study areas.

You need to score 75 percent or higher for certification; if you earn less, you’ll take a makeup after you’ve had ample time to go over what you missed with your instructor and restudy the material.


The Waterskills section develops and evaluates your overall waterskills and improves your existing dive skills.

The section includes timed swims, rescue evaluation and refining your basic scuba skills so that you can role model for beginning divers learning those skills.

Practical Application

The Practical Application portion consists of projects, workshops and applying what you’ve learned in real or simulated divemaster situations.

These include creating an emergency assistance plan, completing a dive site map, and a search and recovery task.

You’ll also develop your abilities as a PADI Divemaster in training and nontraining situations, either working with actual students and divers under instructor supervision, or in simulated practice sessions in which you and other candidates role play as students and divers for each other.

Upon completing all the requirements for certification, you’ll have earned the PADI Divemaster certification and become a member of PADI, the world’s largest and most respected organization of dive leaders and professionals.

Training During Padi Divemaster Course in Bali
Training During Padi Divemaster Course in Bali

Why does other diver want to dive with you as a Divemaster?

Certified divers are qualified to dive without supervision within the limits of their experience and training. Yet, they commonly choose to dive under divemaster supervision. Why?

There are probably hundreds of reasons, but common ones include that divemasters:

  • Know where to find the best diving.


  • Handle dive logistics (safety equipment, basic site information, etc.).


  • Recommend techniques for diving in the local conditions.


  • Help divers compare their skills and experience to those conditions.


  • Can handle difficulties – minor or major – that may arise.


  • Provide information that helps improve safety, adds to the fun and allows a more enjoyable dive altogether.


In other words, divers choose to dive with you, a PADI Divemaster, because you make diving more convenient and more fun.

Why becoming a PADI Divemaster in Bali and a PADI Member?

As a PADI Divemaster in Bali, you’ll be a member of PADI, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors.

PADI is the world’s largest professional diver training organization, with more than 139,000 members in more than 183 countries and territories.

The size of the PADI organization, and the demand for PADI Professionals, means that you’ll enjoy the most opportunities and professional support services available in the dive industry.

As a PADI Member, you’ll have access to quite a few benefits and services.

  • professional publications, such as The Undersea Journal

  •  access to the Pros’ Site on padi. com

  • purchase PADI materials at a special divemaster rate

  • earn income by assisting PADI courses and conducting some PADI programs indipendently

What can you teach and perform as a PADI Divemaster in Bali?

  1. Supervise both training and nontraining-related activities by planning, organizing and directing dives.


  2. Assist an instructor during confined and open water training.


  3. Independently guide Open Water Diver course students on the tour portion of Open Water Dives 2, 3 and 4 at a 2:1 ratio.


  4. Accompany Open Water Diver students under the instructor’s indirect supervision during surface swims to and from the entry/exit point and during navigational exercises; as well as supervise remaining students when the instructor conducts a skill.


  5. Accompany student divers during Adventure Dives or specialty course dives under the instructor’s indirect supervision.


  6. Teach and certify PADI Skin Divers independently. This also includes conducting the PADI Seal Team AquaMission: Skin Diver Specialist.


  7. Conduct the Discover Snorkeling program.


  8. Conduct subsequent dives under an instructor’s indirect supervision for Discover Scuba Diving participants at a 2:1 ratio, after participants have satisfactorily completed the first dive with an instructor.


  9. Conduct the Discover Local Diving experience.


  10. Conduct the ReActivate program for certified divers.


  11. Conduct the skin diving skills segment of the Open Water Diver course during either Confined Water Dive 2, 3, 4 or 5.


  12. If qualified as a Discover Scuba Diving Leader, independently conduct Discover Scuba Diving in a pool or in confined open water.


  13. Accompany certified PADI Scuba Divers on subsequent dives.


  14. After completing the corresponding instructor training, conduct:
  • Digital Underwater Photographer specialty courses under the direction of a PADI Instructor.
  • Emergency Oxygen Provider courses.


Assisiting Open Water Course during the Divemaster
Having fun during the PADI Divemaster Course in Bali

Programme of the PADi Divemaster Bali

  • Duration is minimum 14 days if you have all the Prerequisites, although if you have time you can extend it for more practising. Contact us to discuss your custom program (e-learning also available)

  • During the course you will see all the best sites of Bali: Nusa Penida, Tulamben, Sanur, Padang Bai, Amed and Tepekong

  • You will have a deeper knowledge about theory and PADI standards

  • Do some stamina exercises, refine your dive skills and knowledge about equipments and assist your instructor with PADI courses while you practise some teaching scenarios. That’s really fun!!

  • During day trips you will learn how to make a proper and relaxed dive briefing and also guide some fun dives with our guests under the supervision of your instructor

Prerequisites to join the course

  • Be 18 years old

  • Logged 40 dives

  • Certified as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver and PADI Rescue Diver

  • Completed EFR Primary and Secondary Care training within 24 months (we can do it again together if already expired)

  • Medically evaluated and cleared for diving by a physician within 12 months (if you haven’t done it at home don’t worry we can arrange that for you here in Bali)

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Now that you’ve got a look at what it takes to become a PADI Divemaster and work as a dive professional contact us to schedule your PADI Divemaster course in Bali