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Diving Tulamben

Diving Tulamben a small fishing village on the north-east coast of Bali, offers one of the best coral reefs and macros of the island.

The most popular dive site is the Liberty Ship Wreck from World War II, the biggest wreck on the island that you can admire starting from 6 meter depth. The variety of dive sites brings you to different scenarios and marine life.

best PADI Course while Diving Tulamben

All our sites here are shore entries and the conditions of the ocean are pretty calm all year round offering who wants to try PADI scuba diving a perfect experience for diving Tulamben.

The roadtrip to Tulamben brings you along rice fields and a more traditional Balinese culture with a panoramic over Mount Agung.

USAT Liberty Ship Wreck

Just 30m from the shore the USAT Liberty Ship Wreck is laying down on the bottom, brought there by a big eruption from Agung, occurred in the past years.

Whit its lenght of 125m and the fact that half of it is visible from the surface, it’s a good exploration for all level of divers and snorkelers.

Surrounded by colourful corals and sea fans this wreck gives home to hundreds of species like barracadus, turtles, and humpheads parrotfish making diving Tulamben the perfect experience for you as a diver in Bali.

The deepest part of it around 33m allows a wide exploration and if you’re interested and curious to learn about penetrating wrecks you can challenge yourself with the Wreck Diver course.

Dive In Tulamben
USAT Liberty Ship Wreck, Tulamben

Coral Garden

Right after the Liberty Wreck, following the coast we find Coral Garden.

Rich of aquatic life and corals is specially ideal for who likes to take photography and finding little creatures hiding on the reef.

The site is a gently slope easy to navigate offering a good variety even at shallow depths. If you want to make a wish, here you can also find some interesting Hindu statues that hosts several creatures: damselfish, anemone, surgeonfish and coral. 

Drop Off

This vertical wall of Tulamben was created by the lava flow from the eruption of Mount Agung.

From the shore with a short swim over the macro world, the reefs drop down to 60m and then continues to a slope, making diving Tulamben perfect for PADI Deep Diver Course and Tec Dive.

The wall is protected by many colorful corals and stunning sea fans. Take your time spotting moray eels and frogfishes hiding in the wall while enjoying this beautiful panoramic view submersed in the blue.

Day trip Diving Tulamben

  • 2 dives
  • We will pick you up around 7am at your accomodation
  • Around 8am is the departure to Tulamben
  • We will arrive around 10:30am and go for the 1st dive
  • Lunch at a beachfront restaurant
  • 2nd dive
  • Trip back to your accomodation