PADI Night Diver Bali

PADI Night Diver Bali is your next course for you that are interested to dive at night and master the night environment.

Diving at night allows you to observe nocturnal animal that can not be seen during the day and to get in touch with the true colors of the environment as sunlight filters out colors at depth.

This course is for you that have natural curiosity and want to have new perspective and adventures at dive sites. You will see many new different animals and behaviors of fishes.

Corals open up and extend to feed on plankton, the usual fishes sleeps on the bottom or glides on the reef, sometimes even changing their colors.

Excited to use your light and see a bio-luminescence from microorganism or to have a crowd of small crustacean around your light? Let’s do it together and you will open up new horizon and opportunities as you can dive after-work when you know how to approach night dives.

In this course consisting of 3 dives you will learn how to interact responsible with nocturne marine life, what equipment you need to have and how to navigate/orientate while communicating with your buddies.

At the end of the course you will be able to plan for night dives and enjoy this magical environment in a safe way.

Dives you need to complete the PADI Night Diver Course?

To complete the PADI Night Diver Specialty course, you will need to complete 3night dives under the guidance of a certified PADI Night Diver Specialty Instructor and an e-learning knowledge review.
These dives allow you to gain the necessary skills and experience to safely navigate and enjoy night diving.
During the course, you’ll learn about equipment considerations, communication techniques, underwater navigation, and how to deal with the unique challenges and attractions of diving in low-light conditions.
So, by the end of those three dives, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a confident and competent night diver!

Usually we do the dives in Tulamben as the conditions are the best and most interesting to dive at night.

Overview of the course

The PADI Night Diver course will be over 2 days with overnight in Tulamben.

We will do 3 dives and at the end of the 2nd day we will make it back to your accomodation.

lobster during PADI Night Diver Specialty
lobster during PADI Night Diver Specialty

5 reasons to join the PADI Night Diver Course in Bali

  1. Natural curiosity – a safe and controlled glimpse of the nighttime aquatic environment.

  2. A chance to observe nocturnal aquatic animals seldom seen during the day.

  3. A new look at old dive sites. Night diving creates a different perspective and offers new adventure at dive sites that have lost their daytime fascination.

  4. A chance to view the “true” colors of an environment. At night you will be using your dive light at close range. This will let you see the true colors of the area and its organisms – even more than during the day when sunlight’s colors have been selectively filtered out at depth.

  5. Extends diving opportunities. The after-work dive is possible when you know how to night dive.

Programme and Highlights of the PADI Night Diver Course in Bali

The programme consists in 3 dives.

Dive 1: use of underwater light and the navigation with compass and natural features

Dive 2: hand signal and lights at night, to use a compass to come back to the point where the dive started and to identify nocturnal aquatic life

Dive 3: master what you learned before in the previous dives and you will practice the feeling of being with the lights turned off for 3 minutes


  • Be 12 years old
  • Certified as PADI Open Water (equivalent from other dive agencies is also ok)


  • 1 day with overnight
  • Pick you up at your accomodation in the afternoon
  • 3 night dives in Tulamben
  • Review of the Knowledge Review
  • Trip back to your accomodation the next day

What other courses can you do after the PADI Night Diver Bali?

If you would like to learn more about specific environments we reccomend you to do the PADI Deep Diver if depth is something that triggers you and you want to try to dive deeper or the PADI Wreck Diver if you are curious and want to learn how to properly dive wrecks even at night with the new course that you just qualified for.