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Diving Sanur

Diving Sanur, close to the main tourist attractions of Bali, is ideal for who has limited time but still wants to enjoy the underwater world with exotic marine life.

Thanks to the accessibility and the conditions, we also conduct here part of your PADI Rescue Diver and Divemaster courses.

Although sometimes the visibility can change depending on tides and currents, this is a good place for both beginner and experienced divers.

Beautiful Corals in Sanur
Beautiful Corals in Sanur

Sanur Channel/ Dog's Point

While Diving Sanur this is the main site that we go.

It’s just 5 minutes with our boats from the beach and has a stretch of coral reefs coming up from the sandy bottom.

The depth is not more than 8m, perfect for your first time underwater.

This colorful reef hosts several species like lion fish, pufferfish and snakes but the clownfish is definetely the king of this dive site.

Along the coral you can also see some artificial sculptures that gives home to many fishes and help the environment to stay healthy.

Marine Conservation while diving sanur

Sanur’s commitment to marine conservation is evident through various initiatives aimed at preserving its rich biodiversity.

While diving Sanur you can participate in coral restoration projects and marine clean-up efforts organized by local dive operators, contributing to the sustainability of these pristine dive sites.

Day trip Diving Sanur

  • 2 dives
  • We will pick you up around 7am at your accomodation
  • Around 8am we take a short ride to the beach
  • We will do 2 dives from our boat
  • Back to the beach and we will have lunch
  • Trip back to your accomodation